Featured Guides. Flair Guide. Can't find the Megathreads? They're here. Discussion What is the best way to spend your guiding lights? Definitely hoard until you need to hit a specific threshold. Your most-used, highest star gacha characters would probably come first. You have a low chance to pull duplicates, and you use them in most situations, so you'll likely get the most out of them.

Mariel comes to mind for the Guiding Light Staff for example, because she'll likely be in every VH dungeon you run. Next would be the highest star characters close to a stat boost threshold. If you only need a point or two more to get that extra boost, why not spend it?

Then would be the fateful encounter characters: Azami, Gariyu, and Levia technically she's a bit different than the other two, but it's the same idea. Because you cannot raise their Light or Shadow through gacha dupes, nor through dungeons - at least not until far in the future Azami. So the Guiding or Luring items are the only ways to boost their numbers. Then come future 5-star units that you might not use now, but will likely use in the future.

Units like Akane or Ciel are only 4 stars right now, but in the future can get promoted to 5 stars. That makes them a long-term investment. Near the bottom of the list would be the story characters. Primarily because they WILL eventually get 5 star versions, and thus see some use Thus meaning your boosting items are somewhat wasted. At the bottom would be any unit capped at 4 stars. You will retire these characters, so it's worthless to spend the items on them.

If you have no good units to use the items on now Better to wait a while for a good unit than to waste them on one you'll leave in the dust. But if you are using Azami or Gariyu, I think it's more than fine to add to their levels, since you'd have used them anyway. Only gacha characters at max level do when they get yet another duplicate pull. They'll get there eventually from AD runs.

Yuna is an odd case. You can pretty much make space for her in any team, but the more 5-star units you have, the less value she brings. Unless you have a majority of the 5-star units currently available, Yuna will probably be a mainstay on your team.Stats are numerical values affecting various attributes of a character. These stats are visible by selecting "Status" on any Character Select screen eg.

Party Character Select. Can be regenerated by staying at an inn, eating food, or by remaining in reserve. Also reduces the "cooldown" a character has when casting a skill during Another Force. Cookies help us deliver our services.


By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. More information. Another Eden Wiki. Namespaces Page Discussion. More More. Page actions Read Edit History. A character will level up when achieving a certain amount of EXP. A character is retired from battle if this value hits 0. Used to cast skills. Increases: Magical skill damage which can be identified if the text states it's a magic attack Element-type skill damage including physical element-type skills.

See Damage Formula.

Tier Lists

See Healing Formula. Reduces damage from physical skills. Reduces damage from magical skills. Increases critical rate of physical attacks, and reduces vulnerability to receiving critical hits.

The type varies depending on the character.Additionally, in order to get the most out of each character, you have to find special tomes in order to access their highest powered abilities. For players that are curious about these tomes, this guide covers exactly what they do. It also gives information on where to farm for them quickly.

Many of the heroes you gain through dream encounters have locked final skill boards. In order to unlock their full potential, and make them worth leveling, you need to find specific tomes. If you don't find these tomes, and unlock the final skill boards, characters like Aldo quickly becomes outpaced by other encountered heroes. Mariel is also a character where it is really worth grinding for tomes, as she is easily the best healer. Tomes have very low drop rates and come from very specific locations.

Furthermore, you aren't likely to find the tomes you need to upgrade a character's class until long after initially meeting the NPC who utilizes them. From there, simply talk to Lady Midd in the tavern. Tomes are found by completing the Another Dungeon sections available through tapping the blue elevator in the Spaceimte Rift. These extra dungeons take you to more difficult versions of areas that you've previously finished in the main story. Obtaining the required number of tomes is a major grind, and you want to make sure you are hitting the right locations based on which character you want to upgrade.

The table below shows all the locations where we've found tomes so far, broken down by which character can use the tome, and what specific difficulty level you need to select. To note, you should make sure to take food to any of these Another Dungeon maps, as there won't be opportunities to restore HP and MP in these areas. You can refill your food at any inn found on any normal world map area besides the Spacetime Rift.

Note that there are still a variety of characters from the Japanese version of the game who haven't made it into the international release yet, but they are expected to be added in the coming months.

Since we aren't sure if their tome locations will remain the same between release versions, we haven't listed those characters yet. Have you found any other locations where tomes can be found that we didn't list here?

Another Eden Tome Farming Guide. Ty Arthur Featured Contributor. Published Feb. More Another Eden Content. Another Eden Game Page. Another Eden Articles. Adept Fencer. Hard Very Hard. Aqua Ruler. Industrial Ruins. Very Hard.Another Dungeon is a part of the game which unlocks after Chapter 10 and can be accessed from the Spacetime Rift by talking to the Nameless Girl next to the Blue Door. The Another Dungeons allow the player to traverse harder versions of levels they've already completed.

These feature level-boosted enemies that drop different materials which are used to make new equipment. The Hard difficulty for most Another Dungeons is the only available difficulty until the player completes Chapter 25, after which the Very Hard difficulties will unlock, provided the player has already completed the dungeon's Hard difficulty first.

Another Dungeons tied to Side Episodes behave differently, as their difficulties unlock with episode progression instead. Another Dungeons also give additional completion rewards based on the total Light or Shadow in the party.

This is the only way the player can earn Badges and Memoirs. Running through Another Dungeons comprises a bulk of the postgame content. Unlike during normal play, some actions are restricted in the dungeon. The menu only allows the following options:. Additionally, the amount of enemies which can be fought on each map of the dungeon is also limited to 5 battles running from these fights is included in the count.

After a certain amount of fights, a message saying "The enemy has disappeared It is possible for the 2nd and 3rd maps of a dungeon to turn into a Rare area. These maps have the same map layout, and the only difference is the name of the map being a different name as their normal counterparts. The following is a list of the rare map names:.

Rare maps have higher Memoir item drop rates from the treasure chests as well as spawn rare Horrors that drop unique materials. The probabilities of a map turning into a rare area are as follows [1] :. These Rare Horrors have materials which only they drop. Rare maps can occur on the 2nd or 3rd map of the dungeon, but since Horrors only spawn on the 1st and 2nd map, rare Horrors will only appear on 2nd Rare maps. Completing a dungeon gives between 0 to 3 rewards, depending on the amount of Light or Shadow points your team has in total.

Note that this is the total value of only Light points or only Shadow points, not both together. The following table outlines how many points needed to obtain the rewards [2].

For the third reward, each dungeon will either be Light or Shadow-based. Which badges are rewarded depend on the dungeon as well as the reward line at the end of the dungeon, affecting what the main stat of the badge can be. The secondary stat will then either be one of the other five stats, or no secondary stat at all. The following table details which dungeon and reward line reward which badges:. However, this cannot be done for characters obtained through the story.

The corresponding dungeons are as follows [4] :. White Keys are introduced in version 1. This gives them access to the Phantom Crystal Dimensiona bonus level that offers the chance of acquiring large amounts of Git, experience scrolls and Scripts. The player can only hold one White Key at a time, so it is advisable to use it as soon as possible.

Tsubura's Gems are introduced in version 1. The player is awarded 10 Gems on completion of any Very Hard Another Dungeon run, regardless of location. These Gems can be traded at the Nopaew Emporium for items that normally have very low drop rates, like Chant Scripts.

The player can only obtain a maximum of Gems per week, with the limit resetting every Tuesday, 3am UTC.Another Eden sets you up on a fantasy world that follows the story of Aldo, a newly-promoted village guard, and his sister Fienne.

Time-space rifts take you through the past, present, and future as you meet new allies to aid you in your journey. Another Eden follows the simple and typical JRPG formula of having a main story quest, some side quests, and level grinds in between. On top of reaching, or exceeding, the needed character levels to triumph over the quest at hand, a well-rounded and strategically sound roster of characters in your party is important.

Though acquiring additional heroes for your roster follows a gacha-style acquisition, the means to obtain Chronos Stones, which is the currency you need for Hero Encounters, is relatively easy. Though earning top-tier characters can be made faster through spending real money, grinding to earn more Chrono Stones makes Another Eden a great game even for everyone.

Farming money to buy 3 and equip 3 pieces of equipment for each character is also as simple as it can be. The more time you spend on grinding and farming, the better you will be for each battle ahead. In addition to these main quests, there are various sub quests that can be initiated by approaching NPCs with exclamation marks on each town you visit.

In most occasions, it is best to run through town and approach each NPC to initiate simultaneous quests before running around further to progress them. As some quests do require you to venture into dangerous areas outside of town, be sure that your health is fully restored before heading out. Remember that each town has an inn of some sort where you can rest to restore your health totally free of charge. Not all quests involve battles and some usually just take some time to complete and requires you to travel from point A to B multiple times.

Regardless of the type of quest there is, be sure to accomplish all of it as you will earn Chrono Stones which are mostly valuable especially if you want more heroes to join your roster. Typically as well, side quests that involve defeating a certain opponent will be a lot easier compared to main quest battles and as such, engaging in more battles for experience points and levelling up your heroes will be beneficial for you in the long run.

After just a few minutes into the game, you will be given a great opportunity to pick one 4-star hero from among a wide array of equally attractive characters and you may find yourself wondering which one to get. While all these characters are quite useful, and any choice would potentially be as good as any other, it goes without contention that you can choose anyone you want except for Miyu. As of this writing, you can get Miyu for free instantly when you download and play the game as a reward for pre-registration reaching a certain milestone.

Once you levelled her up enough and earn ability points, her Bard Skill. Just to have a quick run through, melee fighters more likely have higher HP and defense and ranged fighters have higher attack but lower defense. Some classes have healing abilities which are of utmost importance while others possess support spells and enemy debuffs which can be pretty helpful in a lot of situations. There are various elements available in the game as well.

Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. Though some heroes are classified under each element because of a skill or two that utilize such elements, there are plenty of heroes that have non-elemental attacks.

These elements may have hardly noticeable effects early in the game, but later on, especially tougher boss battles, be sure to be ready with a team sporting a variety of available elemental attacks. Star Ratings are important to consider as well to determine which from among the heroes you have gathered should be invested on with time and resources.

As higher stars do offer some advantages, you may want to settle for characters that are at least 4-star class. Do take note, however, that some 3-star heroes can reach 4 stars later on.

Every new level your hero reaches comes with 1 ability point that you can use to boost that heroes stats or unlock some skills.What would an RPG be without a fishing mini-game for wasting time between epic battles?

Another Eden Tome Farming Guide

Unfortunately, Another Eden doesn't make it easy to figure out how to actually start using all of those fishing ponds found on any given map. Haven't managed to get your first fishing rod yet? We'll show you exactly where to go and then how to find every type of fish in the game! Use the space-time rift to travel back in time to Antiquity 20, BC.

Fishing will be automatically unlocked while talking to the old man on the beach. After unlocking the feature, your rod can be upgraded and new types of bait acquired at the Kamasu Tackle Shop.

another eden light farming

If you've already completed the 11th main story mission, you can then also proceed to the Seaweed Is Always Greener quest directly from Kira Beach after getting your first rod.

For a full guide on how to find Kira Beach and complete this storyline, head over here.

another eden light farming

Catching different types of fish bestows awards just like defeating multiple types of enemies or completing story missions.

These award tiers are available for fishing:. Want to get started tracking them all down to grab your rewards? Here's where to find every kind of fish and random inanimate object floating in the water currently available in the game:.

Found any other fish that we don't have listed here? Let us know what you reeled in and where you caught it so we can get this list updated! Another Eden Fishing Guide. Ty Arthur Featured Contributor. Published May. More Another Eden Content. Another Eden Game Page. Another Eden Articles. Glass Slipper. Fishing Dango. Baruoki Friendly Lake. Acteul Spirit's Shower. Empty Bottle. Rucyana Sands Desert Pot. Empty Can.

Empty Pot. Baruoki Kamasu. Rinde Kamasu. Rinde Port Bridge. Zarbo Kamasu. Dressed Crab. Robo Kamasu. Elzion Airport Vaper Trail.Welcome to the dummies guide on how to get stronger in Another Eden. Here are some tips and tricks on progressing further into the game, some basic strategies and leveling your characters fast in the game. As you progress further, you will get to unlock more mechanics and features in the game.

When you explore a town or a dungeon, there are treasure chests and sparkles located at various spots. As for sparkles, tap on it to obtain them. I highly suggest to complete them first then move on to the story.

This will appear as a point on the world and mini-map.

another eden light farming

Your mini-map will be shown at the top right of the screen. To expand the mini-map, tap on it and you can see all the different icons and your current location.

Fast Travel is great for completing quests much quicker. You will be given a selection of 4-star characters to encounter from the tutorial. So which one should you choose? My answer: Get Ciel. He has rated the best 4-star character in the game by the Japanese community. The reason is due to his late game skills: Elemental Song and Heart Break. But his Valor Chant is the most OP in the entire game which increases intelligence and speed for all allies. I not going to include 3-star characters in the tier list because they are pretty useless in the late game IMO.

another eden light farming

There are 2 main ways to level up your characters. The first is by defeating enemies which EXP gained will affect only your current party Both main and reserves.

I suggest using your ability points to prioritize unlocking skills first then increase stats. Some characters, however, will require documents in order to unlock their final board. You will be able to purchase weapons and equipment once you reach Eizon for the first time.

Every town will have a blacksmith. I highly recommend upgrading weapons and equipment at least for all your characters in the main party. Each weapon or equipment will require different materials and Git. To unlock the Another Dungeon, talk to the girl beside the blue door. Another Dungeon is where you can take on dungeons you have completed before on harder difficulties. I highly recommend doing the Another Dungeon every day as you will be able to obtain items like materials, documents, and badges From defeating the boss.

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